Urban Travel S 3in1 Wireless Charger for Samsung is the ultimate travel charging accessory

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The Urban Travel Buddy S 3in1 Charger for Samsung is the ultimate travel charging accessory. You don’t have to pack multiple chargers and cables that take up valuable baggage space.
The Urban Travel Buddy S folds flat which makes it super easy and convenient to pack into any bag. Use it at home/office for everyday use and the next time you travel simply pack the Urban Travel Buddy S and 1 wall charger and you’re set to charge all your Samsung (Wireless charging enabled) devices conveniently at the same time.
The integrated Samsung watch charger means charging your Samsung watch has never been easier.
Wireless Output:
  • Total 23W(Max)
  • Mobile output 15W(Max)
  • Ear Pods output 5W(Max)
  • Watch output 3W(Max)
Input Power: 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V2A
Size: 160mmX70mmX230mm (Weight: 250g)
Package Includes:
1 X Travel Buddy S 3in1 charging stand with Samsung Watch charger
1 X Type-C to Type-C Cable

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