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Located in the Northern suburbs of Metropolitan Melbourne, we are licensed company for the handling and recycling of all types of electronics, computers, motherboards, circuit boards, mobile phones, televisions, VCR, DVD players and basicly anything with a power cord!

Weather it’s from your home, school or workplace, our friendly staff will collect your e-waste, hassle-free. Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.



What is E-Waste

Any electronic product which becomes unwanted, not working or has reached the end of their life is referred to as E-Waste

What does STS do with E-Waste

We at STS reduce, reuse and recycle all electronic devices in accordance to the AS/NZS 5377 – E-waste Management System Standard 

What type of electronic devices do you accept?

We accept PC’s, Laptops, Servers, MacBooks, mobile phones, TV, DVD players, VCR’s. Basically anything with a power cord.

What happens to my data?

At STS we understand the importance of data security and privacy. Hence why we use commercial grade data destruction before degaussing or physical destruction and shredding


E-Waste Pick-Up/Drop-Off

We will organise the pick-up or drop-off of your electronic goods if required

Data Privacy & Security

We offer  a disk wipe service for all disks and smart devices to ensure a safe, risk free disk reuse or destruction.


We will breakdown your e-waste and recycle it in accordance to the AS/NZS 5377 E-Waste management standards outlined by the Australian Government Department of the Environment

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