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High Quality Repair Service in Melbourne

At STS we provide individuals and businesses with outstanding quality and performance in each of our repairs, taking only a few steps to return your valuables to you in brand new condition with fast and easy repairs.

We mainly focus on iPhone, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Acer, Asus and Dell repair services, but we also provide services for other brands such as OPPO, HTC, Huawei, etc.

Mail in Repair

Can’t come in-store? Then why don’t you mail in your repair? We will have your device back to you in no time at all

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All Kinds of Gadgets

We Repair Everything For Your Device

We have various certifications in advanced repairs such as water damage, micro-soldering, motherboard, software issues, and more.

As always, all repairs are handled with the utmost level of attention and care, ensuring all repairs are done quickly, with the highest industry standards using only parts with the finest quality. We also provide a mail-in repair service.

Comprehensive Device Repair

Whether it’s a trivial issue like the replacement of the screen or battery or a more intricate issues, such as micro soldering of the motherboard or fixing software-related glitches, you need to rely on the best, and the best is STS

Water Damage Repair

Dropped your phone in the pool or spilt water on it? Believe it or not our technicians might still be able to save your phone.

Broken Screen Repair

We specialise in high quality and OEM screen replacements

Charging Port Repair

Our technicians can take care of all your charging faults

Microsoldering Repair

No matter how complex the issue is, our Level 3 technicians can have our phone back up and running in no time

Data Recovery

Don’t loose you precious memories on any device. Let us help you back up or recover your data.

Battery Replacement

Dead battery, not holding charge? We have high quality and OEM batteries for a wide range of makes and models.


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