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For iPhone Xs MAX Leather Wallet Card Slots Stand Case Flip Cover

7920122217533-1 $25.00 Inc GST

For iPhone Xr Leather Wallet Card Slots Stand Case Flip Cover

7920122217533 $25.00 Inc GST

For iPhone X/XS Leather Wallet Card Slots Stand Case Flip Cover

7920122216550 $25.00 Inc GST

iPhone 7/8 Sparkle Marble Cases

7920122218394 $30.00 Inc GST

iPhone XR Sparkle Marble Cases

7920122217953 $30.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Sparkle Marble Cases

7920122217946 $30.00 Inc GST

iPhone Xs Max Sparkle Marble Cases

7920122217960 $30.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs OtterBox Pursuit Case

iPXpursuitcases $100.00 $60.00 Inc GST

iPhone 7/8 Plus Sparkle Marble Cases

7920122218400 $30.00 Inc GST

iPhone XR Leather Back Case

7920122217830 $20.00 Inc GST

iPhone Xs Max Leather Back Case

7920122217847 $20.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Leather Back Case

7920122217823 $20.00 Inc GST

Mobile phone Cases

Mobile phone Cases of quality assured material.

At STS we understand the importance of having the best protection for your beloved mobile device, ether it is a tablet or a phone we have got you covered with best quality and brand in the market today.

Some of the top brands that we recommend for best protection are:


Otter Box





Clean Skin

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