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iPhone X/Xs Square Gel Back Cases

1213109 $15.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Sparkle Marble Case

1213108 $20.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Backcase with 1 Pocket Slot

1213107 $15.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Backcases

1213106 $20.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Glass Back Cases

ipXglasscovers $15.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Aurora Glass Back Cases

1213105 $20.00 Inc GST

iPhone X/Xs Camouflage Gel Cases

1213104 $15.00 Inc GST

X-Doria Defense Clear iPhone X/XS

X-DoriaDefCleariPX $45.00 Inc GST

X-Doria Def Shield iPhone X/Xs

XdoriaDefshieldXorXs $60.00 Inc GST

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Glass Backcase

122167860 $15.00 Inc GST

Huawei Mate 20 Glass Backcase

122147860 $15.00 Inc GST

Original Samsung Hyperkint Case Suits Samsung Galaxy S9

SamsungS9hyperknit $50.00 Inc GST

Mobile phone Cases

Mobile phone Cases of quality assured material.

At STS we understand the importance of having the best protection for your beloved mobile device, ether it is a tablet or a phone we have got you covered with best quality and brand in the market today.

Some of the top brands that we recommend for best protection are:


Otter Box





Clean Skin

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