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E-waste leader recycling Company Across Melbourne

System Technology Services Pty Ltd is specializing in collecting, recycling and disposal of computers, Mobiles phones, laptops, pcs, LCD monitors, IT equipment’s tables and other electronic waste.

System Technology Services Pty Ltd aim is for its e-waste collection and recycling service to be easily accessible, convenient, and straight forward for customers. Customers can be rest assured that System Technology Services Pty Ltd strive to provide environmentally friendly solutions, while optimizing the value to increase the financial returns for clients.

System Technology Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing a consistent service through the implementation of an AS/NZS 5377:2013 based on the requirement of the following standards:

Our Operation Management Process

  1. Transportation from Supplier Premises to Site
  2. Removing data, inspection, and testing
  3. Dismantling Server and Networking Equipment
  4. Dismantling PC
  5. Dismantling Laptop
  6. Packing, Storage and Delivery

Learn About e-waste and what we can do

The better our electronics become, the bigger the demand is. Therefore, the need of better e-waste recycling solutions becomes a vital call for sustainability.

Recent statistic showed the countries with the highest demand for an electronic waste recycling solutions. Norway is leading the list with a total of 62,4lbs for the year of 2014, followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and the UK. Alongside with the USA, these countries have the highest living standards, making purchasing and replacing old electronics with new very affordable.

Although people consider e-waste only a very tiny selection of devices, a broad range of electrical assets fall into that recyclable category, including cabling, server racks, cable boxes, laboratory and medical equipment, industrial scrap, test equipment, old TVs, refrigerators and more.