Security Camera Wireless Outdoor Solar Power Supply

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Elevate your home security with the 1 Set Security Camera Wireless Outdoor Solar Power Supply. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

Wireless and Solar-Powered: Say goodbye to complicated wiring and frequent battery changes. This camera runs on solar power, ensuring it’s always ready to protect your home.

AI Human Detection: Say hello to smarter security. This camera is equipped with advanced AI technology that can distinguish humans from other moving objects. No more false alarms from pets or passing vehicles.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity: Easily connect to your home network for seamless streaming and remote access to your camera’s feed via your smartphone or tablet.

Color Night Vision Traditional black-and-white night vision is a thing of the past. This camera provides clear and detailed color night vision, allowing you to see every detail even in low light conditions.

Two-Way Audio: Interact with visitors or deter potential intruders with the built-in two-way audio. You can listen and talk through the camera using your mobile device.

IP65 Waterproof: Designed to withstand the elements, this camera is rated IP65 waterproof. It can brave rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, ensuring year-round outdoor use.

Cloud Storage: Your footage is precious, and this camera offers cloud storage options for added security. Store your video clips in the cloud for easy access and backup.

Invest in your home’s safety with the 1 Set Security Camera. It’s your reliable guardian that never sleeps, thanks to its solar power supply. Enjoy peace of mind with advanced features like AI human detection and color night vision, and keep an eye on your property from anywhere with the convenience of two-way audio and cloud storage.

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