Repair Services

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Phone Repair

At STS we provide individuals with outstanding quality and performance in each of our repairs, taking only a few steps to return your valuables to you in brand new condition with fast and easy repairs. We mainly focus on iPhone and Samsung repair services but we do consider other brands and are able to provide a wide variety of mobile repair services for your needs. This includes phone parts including screens, charging ports, etc. We provide services for less popular brands such OPPO, HTC, Huawei, etc. We are a team of highly qualified technicians with long term experience. We also qualify in micro-soldering and various advanced repairs including water damage, mother-board, etc.

STS Tablet Repairs

Tablet Repair

Amongst our other services, STS professionally repairs and maintains virtually all tablets in the market. This includes brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and more. From screens to loudspeakers and more, we have you completely covered. We consist of a highly qualified team of technicians with long term experience in device repairs of all varieties. We have various certifications in advanced repairs such as water damage, micro-soldering, motherboard, software issues and more. As always, all repairs are handled with the utmost level of attention and care, ensuring all repairs are done quickly, with the highest industry standards and only with parts of the finest quality.

STS Laptop Repairs

Laptop & Computer Repair

At STS, laptop and computer repairs are part in parcel of the services we provide. Whether it be Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung or any build, our team of certified and experienced technicians will be able to resolve your problems with the highest level of precision and expertise. Among the services we provide, we can repair anything from screens, keyboards, speakers, mousepads all the way up to water damage and motherboard failures. All repairs are done exclusively with OEM parts and correctly the first time.


Micro-soldering & Advance Repair Services

At STS We are specialist on-micro-soldering  BAG and IC rebelling  So if you are  looking for some advances repair jobs like that you will find us the best place can do help you to accomplish this jobs,the in addition we have the latest microelectronics machines and equipment make that complex works become true and success


Network & software unlocks

At STS we are strongly proud of out tools and boxes an highly knowledge for any unlock to networks ,password,google account ‘FRP’ ,BIOS locked and frameworks software updates  ,Backups restore software drivers re-installation. Simply any software issues for phones tables and laptops we are the experts


Data Transfer and Data Recovery

At STS this part is our uniqueness if you have phones laptops SDs Flash drives ,HDD damaged for any reason like water/liquid of breaks and you have very important data wrest to spend lots of money to recover you stop in the best place that can help .please make sure if you have such problem to give us repairs first to increase the opportunity make the jobs possible

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