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Replacement Adapter Charger For Samsung Laptops, 5.5mm x 3.0mm.

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Power up your notebook computer with this brand new, high-quality AC Adapter. This notebook adapter features an input rating of 100 – 240 volts and a 19V, 4.74A output rating with up to 90-watts of power. If you are looking for a replacement power adapter or just need an extra one around the house, this power adapter charger is what you need. Comes with the Australian standard power cord.


  • OUTPUT : 19V 4.74A, 90W
  • INPUT : 100 – 240V
  • Connector :5.5mm*3.0mm
  • Condition: 100% Brand New Adapter Charger.

Device Compatibility:


  • Samsung A10 DXT 1000, A10 DXTD 1100, A10 XTC 1500+SAMSUNG GT Serie
    Samsung GT6000, , GT6330 , GT6330XT , GT6360 , GT6360XT
    Samsung GT6400 , GT6400XV , GT7000, GT7450, GT7600, GT7700
    Samsung GT8000 , GT8100 , GT8600 GT8600XT GT8650 GT8650XT
    Samsung GT8700 , GT8700XTGT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV
    Samsung GT8800 GT8800XT , GT8800XV, GT8850 GT8850XT
    Samsung GT8850XTD , GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR
    Samsung GT8910, GT8910KXV, GT9000, GT9000 PRO

    SAMSUNG P20 Serie
    Samsung P20, P25, P27, P28, P28G, P29

    SAMSUNG P30 Serie
    Samsung P30, P30 XTC 1400, P30 XTM 1700, P30 XVC 1400
    Samsung P30 XVM 1500

    SAMSUNG P35 Serie
    Samsung P35, P35 XVM 1500, P35 XVM 1600, P35 XVM1600II
    Samsung P35 XVM 1600III, P35 XVM 1800

    SAMSUNG V20 Serie
    Samsung V20 XVC 2000, V20 XVC 2400, V20 XTC 2000
    Samsung CXTC 1700 ?SAMSUNG V30

    SAMSUNG VM Serie
    Samsung VM6000, VM6300, VM6300CT, VM7000, VM7550, VM7550CT
    Samsung VM7600 , VM7600CT, VM7650, VM7650CT, VM7650CXTD, VM7700
    Samsung VM7700XTD, VM8080, VM8080CXT , VM8090
    Samsung VM8090CT, VM8090CXTD, VM8095, V8095CX, VM8100
    Samsung VM8100CX , VM8100CXTD, VM8110XTC, VM8100XTD

    SAMSUNG X Serie
    Samsung X1, X2 , X05, X06, X10,X11, X15, X15Plus

    SAMSUNG X10Plus Serie
    Samsung X10Plus XTM 1500, X10Plus XTM 1600, X10Plus XTC1800
    Samsung X10Plus XTM 1600II, X10Plus XTM 1800, X10Plus XTM 2000

    SAMSUNG X20 Serie
    Samsung X20 XVM 1600, X20 XVM1600II, X20 XVM, X25
    Samsung X25 XVM 1600, X25 XVM 2000

    SAMSUNG X30 Serie
    Samsung X30 WVC 1500, X30 WVC 1700, X30 WVM 1600, X30 WVM 2000
    SAMSUNG X50 WVM 1600, X50 WVM 2000 ?SAMSUNG X60

  • SAMSUNG R580 RV508 R540 RC710 R780 Series
  • SAMSUNG NP RC710 RV711 RC720 RV720
  • SAMSUNG M40, M40Plus
  • SAMSUNG R50, R55, R55-T5300

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