E-FIXIT A130 PPD Structural Adhesive For Mobile Phone Touch Screen House Frame Back Cover Repair Super Glue (50ml)

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1. Diamond professional glue 

2. Repair ceramic figurines and timber

3. Replacement of the broken glass pieces

4. Assembly craft design 

5. Repair yard and garden sculpture

6. Repair the crack and fracture in the wooden frame

7. To build the edge Angle of destruction. 

8. Fill nail holes and drill holes

9. Attached ceramic gelling concrete in wood or metal 

10. Can be used in the busy traffic area, as a protective layer interface. 

11. Good acid and alkali can be used in the acid and alkali environment, such as in saline or sulfuric acid) as corrosion protection coating.

12. The insulation performance: has remarkable dielectric insulation and resistance strength, highly suitable for electronic equipment. 

13. No flammable. 

14. Other: high impact resistance and will not shrink, burst, or curing process without vertical flow. After curing, it can be grinding, grinding, fill, light hammer, cutting, drilling, and can sweep on most of the paint of paint. Can be molded into any shape to replace damaged or missing pieces. Construction can be lifted up, and a vertical plane, vertical flow. Easy and color compatibility, and powder paint colorants, most of the water-based stains, and homogeneous coordinate food dye.


Tips :

1. maybe irritating to the skin and eyes

2. Use in a well-ventilated environment

3. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water

4. Keep away from children’s store, production operations, please stay away from fire

5, the shelf life of a year, the safe use of the product pipe end date see

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