Apai Genie 360°Intelligent Object Tracking, Auto Shooting Gimbal – White

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Apai Genie 360°Intelligent Object Tracking, Auto Shooting Gimbal – White

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When you need to free your hands, the fixed support is not flexible; You will be tired if you hold the video call for too long, The Apai Geni smart personal ROBOT-CAMERAMAN will help you solve the problem. Let your phone follow you, take a selfie and no longer ask for help. Especially suitable for personal short video producers and live influencers. Realize that you can record video without others.

Key Features:

  • 360 ° infinite rotation, horizontal orbit rotation, no dead angle to follow automatically.
  • Built-in innovative algorithm, real-time target tracking shooting function, chase the displacement of objects and automatically capture interesting pictures.
  • Face tracking mode can automatically recognize your face, wherever you go, it follows.
  • Put your poses at will, and start taking pictures or videos automatically. There is also a two-person shooting mode, which allows you to freeze intimate moments.
  • AI composition can automatically perform professional composition optimization on people or pets.
  • The gimbal can switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, providing multiple angles for shooting and adapting to various scenarios such as vlog shooting.
  • Elastic grip, soft silicone, support for 56-100mm mobile phones.


Product Type:                            360 ° Smart Camera Gimbal

Model:                                           Apai Genie

Load:                                              265g

Net weight:                                  192g

Product size:                               93 * 93 * 165.4mm (L * W * H)

Support phone size:                56-100mm

Mechanical angle:                    360 ° horizontal rotation, 37 ° vertical flip up, 37 ° vertical flip down

Power supply mode:               Dry battery (3 x AA). NOTE: Batteries are not included.

Continuous working time:  50 hours

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