Get the 96W Universal Power Supply Adapter for Your Notebook Laptop – Adjustable 12-24V Charger

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This product is a 96W power supply adapter that can charge notebooks and laptops. It has an adjustable voltage range of 12-24V.

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Keep your notebook laptop powered and ready for use with the 96W Universal Power Supply Adapter Adjustable 12-24V Charger, available at System Technology Services, a technology company specializing in electronics repairs, e-waste recycling, IT security, smart home devices, and protection accessories. This versatile adapter is compatible with a wide range of laptop models, ensuring that your device stays charged wherever you go.


  • 96W Universal Power Supply Adapter for Notebook Laptops
  • Adjustable voltage output ranging from 12V to 24V
  • Compatible with a wide variety of laptop brands and models
  • Multiple interchangeable tips for a secure connection to your device
  • Built-in protection against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting
  • Compact and portable design for convenient travel and on-the-go use

System Technology Services Offerings:

  • Expert electronics repairs and IT security services
  • E-waste recycling and smart home device solutions
  • High-quality protection accessories for various devices
  • Specialist courses for skill enhancement
  • Wide range of products, including laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles

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