EFM Aspen D3O Case Armour Samsung Galaxy S20 (6.2″)

$30.00 Inc GST


EFM® Aspen Crystal Clear Case Armour is one of the slimmest, clearest and toughest cases on the market.  It features a 3-layer impact dispersion structure, where the materials are injected and fused together to deliver the ultimate device protection.  All custom designed for perfect form fit, whilst still maintaining maximum lifestyle appeal.

EFM® Aspen Crystal Clear Case Armour also features stadium screen edge protection, to assist in shielding your device in the event of a flat drop. It is also 6-meter drop tested, offering maximum protection when used with an EFM® Screen Armour.

Key features:

  • ULTIMATE Impact rating – 12
  • Exceeds Military Standard drop test by 5 times or 500%
  • Integrated with D3O® Crystalex TM impact protection material.
  • Lightweight, sleek, clear design – 2.9mm thickness
  • Shock and drop protection – 6-meter drop tested

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 3 cm

Crystal Clear