Xbox Diagnostic and repairs

Service Description:


We provide the Diagnostic Service for all the models of X-BOX. If your X-Box is not working, we can help you identify the problem, and also we can repair it for you.

How does it work?

  • Give us a detailed description of your device’s problems, what you think may be the issue, or any other information you think could help us with the diagnosis. 
  • Send the device to us, in person, or through the mail (if mailed, please also send the return shipping label).
  • We will perform the diagnostic on the device and will inform you about the issue and also the repair cost to fix that issue.
  • We will charge the fee for the diagnostic services, whether you choose to go ahead with the repair or not.
  • Repair costs will be on top of the diagnostic and inspection services.
  • All the repair jobs come with 03 Months Warranty.

Service Details

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3 month