Wopow USB Car Charger 2.4A CD011 – White

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Wopow USB Car Charger 2.4A CD011 – White.

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The Wopow Dual Port USB Car Charger will help you to keep the battery of your device charged for longer. This charger plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket so you can charge your phone, tablet, GPS, camera and more while your drive.

Key Features:

  • This is compatible with most devices that charge via a USB cable.
  • This charger features 2 ports so that you can charge 2 devices at once.
  • It has an output of 2.4 A in one port and 1.0A on the second port.
  • The socket fits USB-A.
  • This charger is White colour.
  • Sleek and slender design.

Additional information

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