philips monitor 221v8/75 (used)

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Experience the world of vivid and crisp images without boundaries with the Philips V Line 22 (21.5″ / 54.6 cm diag.) Full HD monitor. This VA display utilizes advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology, delivering super-high static contrast ratios for exceptionally vivid and bright images. Whether you’re working with standard office applications or engaging in activities like photo editing, web browsing, movie watching, gaming, or demanding graphical tasks, this monitor’s optimized pixel management technology ensures an extra-wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees for consistently crisp visuals.

With its 16:9 Full HD display, you’ll enjoy crisp and detailed images that make a difference. This monitor boasts a resolution of 1920 x 1080, combining Full HD clarity with high brightness, exceptional contrast, and realistic colors to provide a true-to-life picture.

The SmartContrast feature enhances black details by analyzing your displayed content and automatically adjusting colors and backlight intensity. This technology dynamically improves contrast, making it perfect for digital images, videos, and gaming where dark shades are prevalent. Plus, the Economy mode fine-tunes contrast and backlighting for optimal display of everyday office tasks while reducing power consumption.

Optimizing image settings has never been easier with SmartImage presets. This Philips technology analyzes your screen’s content and offers various modes such as Office, Photo, Movie, Game, and Economy to match your application. It dynamically optimizes contrast, color saturation, and sharpness for peak display performance. Economy mode saves significant power, all accessible with a single button press.

Experience smooth action with Adaptive-Sync technology, ensuring fluid, artifact-free performance at nearly any framerate. Say goodbye to choppy gameplay and broken frames, thanks to smooth quick refresh rates and ultra-fast response times.

Protect your eyes with Flicker-free technology, as it reduces flicker that can cause eye fatigue on LED-backlit screens. Philips Flicker-free Technology regulates brightness for comfortable viewing.

Additionally, the LowBlue Mode setting promotes eye well-being by reducing harmful shortwave blue light. Studies have shown that this type of blue light from LED displays can harm vision over time, making LowBlue Mode an excellent choice for prolonged productivity.

The monitor is HDMI-ready, allowing you to enjoy Full HD entertainment with high-quality digital video and audio transmitted through a single cable from various AV sources, including PCs, set-top boxes, DVD players, A/V receivers, and video cameras. Elevate your visual experience with this feature-packed Philips monitor.

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