Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition Wireless Stereo Headphones

$199.00 Inc GST

  • Superior sound – now with passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass
  • Automatic rep counting
  • Intelligent in-ear coaching for personalized workouts
  • Registration via the Jabra Sport Life app is required



  • Superior sound – now with passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass
    Get rid of the surrounding noise at the gym and focus on your performance! With superior sound quality, passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass, Jabra Sport Coach will make sure that your favourite playlist sounds better than ever and will maximise your musical motivation
  • Automatic Rep Counting
    The built-in TrackFit motion sensor will automatically count your reps and track your every move. Set up your workout in our Jabra Sport Life App and let the in-ear “coach” count your reps, guide you through the circuit and track your performance! Combine cross training with running and the integrated motion sensor will also measure distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned.
  • Intelligent in-ear coaching for personalised work-outs
    The Jabra Sport Life app lets you set work-out goals, tracks your performance in real time and enhances your fitness. The app lets you create a customised workout circuit or choose from one of the pre-programmed circuits. Select the workout and let the TrackFit motion sensor work as your personal coach offering in-ear guidance and auto rep counting along with your favourite music.

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