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This product offers repair services and spare parts specifically for the iPad Air [2017] model.


services and spare parts that may be available for an iPad Air (2017). Always consult with a professional for specific advice, costs, and services.

  1. Screen replacement: If your iPad’s display is cracked or unresponsive, you’ll likely need a screen replacement. This includes both the glass front and the LCD, as they are fused together in iPads.
  2. Battery replacement: Over time, your iPad’s battery will degrade. If your device isn’t holding a charge like it used to, a new battery may be necessary.
  3. Charging port repair: If your iPad isn’t charging or connecting to your computer properly, the issue may be with the charging port.
  4. Camera repair: Both the front and rear cameras on your iPad can be replaced if they’re not working.
  5. Speaker repair: If sound isn’t coming out of your iPad, or if it’s distorted, the speakers may need repair.
  6. Home button repair: If your home button isn’t working, it can be replaced. However, keep in mind that the Touch ID functionality can only be restored with an original home button that has been paired to the device by Apple.
  7. Water damage repair: Water damage can cause various problems, and repair processes can range from drying and cleaning the device to replacing many of the components.
  8. Spare Parts: Spare parts that are often available include the display, battery, charging port, cameras, speakers, home button, and various internal flex cables and sensors.

Remember that opening your device to attempt repairs or replace parts can void your warranty with Apple. It is always recommended to take your device to a certified professional if you’re not comfortable performing these repairs yourself.

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Charging port, LCD, Touch, iPad Air 5GEN Battery, Power Flex, Back Camera, Front Camera, Home Bot w/ Fingerprint


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