LCD Digitizer Replacement – High-Quality and Affordable for Apple iPad Air 4th Gen (2020)

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This product is an LCD digitizer replacement for the 4th generation Apple iPad Air released in 2020. It allows for the repair of a damaged or malfunctioning screen.

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The LCD Digitizer Replacement for Apple iPad Air 4th Gen (2020) is the perfect solution if your iPad Air’s screen is not functioning correctly. This high-quality replacement part can resolve numerous issues such as broken screens, unresponsive touch, dead pixels, color problems, and more.


  • High-Resolution Display: This replacement part offers the same high resolution as the original iPad Air 4th Gen, ensuring your media and documents look sharp and vibrant.
  • Touch Screen Functionality: The digitizer is responsible for translating your touch into an input that the device can understand. This replacement part ensures your touch input is accurately registered.
  • OEM Quality: Manufactured to the same high standards as the original Apple components, ensuring a perfect fit and longevity.
  • Compatible with iPad Air 4th Gen (2020): Ensure to verify your iPad model before purchase.

Please note, it is recommended to have this part installed by a professional to avoid any potential damage to your device.

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