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Xtreme Arabic IPTV Box Subscription renew One Year

tvrenewoneyar $89.00 Inc GST

LG LED Monitor VGA/DVI Tilt Stand Vesa – 22IN

880608720573 $200.00 Inc GST

LG FHD LED Monitor VGA/HDMI Tilt Stand Vesa – 24IN

8806087716757 $240.00 Inc GST

Xtreme Remote control IPTV Box

xtremeRC $35.00 $25.00 Inc GST

Xtreme Arabic IPTV Box

tvarabia $250.00 Inc GST

TV’s and TV Box

The latest TV and tv box will get you closer to the action, whether you’re a sports fan who wants to feel like you’re actually there, a movie lover who wants to be part of the story, or a gamer who wants to get the edge. At STS we have the latest technology and hottest deals. Check us out online, or visit us in-store to discover all you need to know to find the right TV for you

All our new devises comes with full manufacturers warranty and for refurbished and used devises we provide 3 months warranty

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