Sony phone covers

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Sony Z4 Flip Case

122124760 $20.00 Inc GST

Sony XZ Premium TPU

129484110 $15.00 Inc GST

Sony Z5 Premium Fibcolor Case

121449760 $20.00 Inc GST

Sony Z2 Fibcolor Case

121469760 $20.00 Inc GST

Sony Z3 Fibcolor Case

12989760 $20.00 Inc GST

STS Sony M5 Flip with Card Holder

12964560 $25.00 Inc GST

STS Sony Z3 Flip with Card Holder

12984560 $25.00 Inc GST

STS Sony XZ Premium Flip with Card Holder

129445 $25.00 Inc GST

Nokia 8 Flip with Card Holder

12924560 $25.00 Inc GST

STS Sony XZ Flip with Card Holder

128045 $25.00 Inc GST

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Flip Cases

SXXPFC $30.00 Inc GST

Mobile phone Cases

Mobile phone Cases made from top quality material.

At STS we understand the importance of having the best protection for your beloved mobile device, ether it is a tablet or a phone we have got you covered with best quality and brand in the market today.

Some of the top brands that we recommend for best protection are:


Otter Box




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