IT & Security Services

The need for security devices in our homes and offices continues to increase, according to the RACV, the average Victorian burglary rate rose from one in 74 homes to one in 68 homes, as the number of burglaries reported to Victoria Police increased by 10 per cent (source RACV burglary statistics 2016). STS will help to keep your home or office safe, we provide you with professional advisory service for security solutions as well also sell high quality, reliable CCTV systems to suite any budget or location.

At STS we are qualified IT professionals, we put our extensive experience at your service. Today’s world relies on information technology hence the need for IT professionals you can rely on is vital. We provide your business or home with a wide range of IT services ranging form PC/Laptop hardware or software maintenance and troubleshooting to networking and servers. Drop us a message or visit us for further information or a free no obligation quote.



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