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Looking for a quality smart phone device or laptop PC? Are you wanting to sell or trade in your current phone? At STS we buy, sell and trade-in, all the devices we sell are tested and come with a warranty, we offer a wide range of devices and different grades to suite any budget, all the devices we sell are unlocked and checked. Rest assured you are in good hands, we are a certified second hand dealer and we are an experienced buyer/seller. Visit us today for a quote, browse or just a chat.

Why Thousands of People Trust Us?

Price Satisfaction

We offer competitive and cost effective rates for mobile phone repairs & other services. We also offer price match for phones.

Professional Service

We’ve been repairing your mobile handsets since the mid-late 90’s. We have specialist on-site technicians to assist you with all inquiries. We offer free quote for our services, so rest assured – you’ll only need to pay for the actual deal!

Walk In

Walk in with your damaged phone and we will repair it within 30-45 mins. Water damaged phones can take a bit longer as we need to toughly run test on them.

Quality Parts

We always use the finest quality parts. Our parts are brought from reliable suppliers with whom we have been in business for many years. We do not use parts from unreliable sources.

90 Day Warranty

Warranty applies where the exact same fault occurs or the replaced component fails within 3 months of repair, void in the event of physical or water damage. No warranty is provided to water damaged phones.

Customer Support

Our goal is to go above and beyond, better than other. We are not here just for your service but also for the after service of your repair. We have a database of over 15000 regular customers from Geelong & other regions.

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